Announcements related to Hexis.
This latest update fixes a few problems that have existed longer than they needed to.

First, keyboard input handling was changed. Many people were not able to bind keys on the number pad or arrow keys. I replaced Qt's limited keyboard event handling with Windows' native event handling which allows all keys to be used. Because of this change, all previous key bindings were reset. Please set them again to your liking in the settings.

As requested, an instant retry key was added. When pressed, it will instantly restart the map. The default key is F2. You can configure it in the settings.

Some people had issues with opening the settings window in fullscreen. The game now temporarily goes in windowed mode while the settings window is open. In the future, the settings screen will be in-game rather than in a separate window.

Text now is smooth across all resolutions. I rewrote the text rendering engine to use Windows' GDI+ instead of Qt's unreliable QPaintEngine. Text is now crisp and easier to read on all resolutions and renders extremely fast. Missing characters are also non-existent because of this change as well. Parsing and rendering IRC control codes is extremely fast. Colors, bold, underline, etc now display properly in chat.

Background dimming is now easier on the eyes. Instead of instantly changing from really bright to really dark when going in and out of breaks, it will transition smoothly.
The health bar flickering issue that happened when the frame limiter was set to 60 fps is also fixed.

Anyway, that's it for now. Please enjoy this release and as always, bug reports are always much appreciated! :good:
Great update, had to re-install Hexis couple of times to change settings before.
the update was useful, although sliders still wont render, anyone know any possible ways to fix it, i dont just think its my graphics card, thanks in advance :3
When I play a map and make a score, eventhough I am online in game my scores cannot be seen in online rankings and I don't use anymods too. Can anyone help me please? Or at least tell me the right place to write this message or createn a topic about it. What should I do??? Thanks~
Use the bug report section next time.
Anyway, generally it takes a bit to update the scores but eventually that may be caused by an antivirus (Avast seems to be a cunt) and apparently it would not let scores submit online. If that's the case consider creating an exception for hexis

or nuke it

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This is probably the wrong place to ask, but can we expect to see an in-game mouse sensitivity adjuster at some point?

I wanted to try hexis, but i can't figure out how to get 550dpi without in-game sensitivity.
Of course,

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Thanks for the reply Takuya.
guess i'll just keep an eye on the changelogs for now.

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