Announcements related to Hexis.
After a month of development, Direct3D support has been added to the game!

With Direct3D support added, you should see a huge increase in performance on cards that support Direct3D better than OpenGL. Slider rendering issues on integrated graphics card are gone.

Some other things that were added in this release:
  • Ability to watch replays of online scores.
  • Progress display while playing a map to tell how far into the song you are.
  • Local audio offset for beatmaps.
  • Shake animation when hitting objects too early.
  • Adds hold circle hitsounding to the editor.
  • Adds cleaner transitions between the menu/list/results screen.
awesome! thank you Daniel
My prayers have been answered
Thanks Daniel
With DirectX there should be way less input lag! (I feel quite some with opengl)
Local audio offset for beatmaps.

I guess it's time to install it again :)
Time to test and see if I crash like a motherfucker now. I guess I'll install it again.
I play with a mouse \o/
nice :3

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