Announcements related to Hexis.

I see everyday a lot of new players asking almost the same questions on IRC, about help and some other issues related to Hexis.
So I decided to write this FAQ Thread for everyone, to list almost everything you need to know about Hexis and how to solve common issue.


  • I want to stay up-to-date with the remake of Hexis. Where can I follow the progress?

  • Where can I download Hexis beatmaps?

  • I downloaded a beatmap but doesn't load. Can you help me?

    • If you downloaded a beatmap, and it doesn't load make sure you pressed F5 to force load the beatmaps db.
      Still not working? Just drag and drop the *.hxz file inside Hexis and press F5.
      If you're still having issue make sure the beatmap folder is on \Hexis\data\beatmaps.
      If the map isn't in the folder, open the *.hxz file with 7zip, extract everything and put the folder inside \Hexis\data\beatmaps, then press F5.
      If the problem persists ask for help on Hexis IRC channel.

  • Why my score has not been submitted?

    • Make sure you're not using "unrankable mods", such as "Approach Rate, Circle Size, Overall Difficulty and Drain Rate". Use instead "Play Speed and Hidden", which works with the ranking system.

  • My game is lagging as hell and it's constantly locked to 60 FPS. What should I do?

    • Go on Settings > General > Framerate and switch it to "Unlimited".
      Also check General > Graphics > Renderer if you're running the game with DirectX or OpenGL.

  • Can I delete the background?

    • Go on Settings > Playfield > Default background dim and use 100% to hide the BG completely while you're playing, so no need to delete anything from the map folder.

  • Can I disable map hitsounds?

    • Go on Settings > Playfield > Override beatmap hitsounds

  • Can I disable map themes?

    • Go on Settings > Playfield > Override beatmap theme

  • Can I disable mouse clicks?

    • Go on Settings > >General > Input > Disable mouse buttons while playing

  • I want to use my own skin, but it's not working properly on Hexis. What should I do?

    • If you want to use your own skin, make sure it's converted to works with hexis.
      After you convert it put the skin folder on \Hexis\data\themes and select it ingame going to Settings > Theme > Current Theme and choose your skin from the dropdown menu.

  • How to convert my osu! skin to Hexis?

  • Can I convert my osu! beatmaps for Hexis?

    • No.



Other FAQs threads will be possibly merged into this as soon as possible. Thanks for contributing! :good:

Suggest any FAQ in this thread.
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>I see everyday a lot of new player asking almost the same question on IRC, about help and some other issue related to Hexis.

Where are all my plural Ss ;-;

>I see everyday a lot of new players asking almost the same questions on IRC, about help and some other issues related to Hexis.
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This is probably not a major thing, but I experience this question about a few times now:

How do I change my avatar/profile picture?

Because in-game there isn't an option to change avatar when clicking on your player tab.

Also, I suggest making a header for Beatmapping and have all general questions related to beatmapping in there, such as:
  • How do I add hitsound?
  • What are the shortcuts usable in editor?
  • How do I make a beatmap?
  • Is there a guide to beatmapping? (Wafu has made a beatmapping guide. You can link that.)
  • How do I submit a beatmap?
  • How do I get a beatmap ranked?

#EDIT: There is a separate FAQs about beatmapping, but it's better if they're all in one single thread.

Regarding the "osu!beatmaps to hexis", the question can be made into three different parts since there are three different meanings:
  • Can I play osu!beatmaps on Hexis?
  • Can I convert my osu!beatmaps over to Hexis?
  • Can I bring over ranked osu!beatmaps to Hexis and have them ranked here?

As far as I know, the last question has been discussed in a different thread.

I suppose linking both the Bug Reports forum and the Feature Requests thread** in the FAQs would be beneficial too.

** IIRC Daniel has set aside a separate Google document and spreadsheet for requesting new features for the remake of the game, so you might want to ask him to give you the link :D

EDIT: Here's the link - Google Forms - Hexis Remake
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I'm new here, just waiting for improvement at the editor :P
Why am I not seeing my score on the scoreboard immediately?

Blame Qt

How do I create a new diff? I made a map, but it has only 1 diff and I don't know how to create more diffs
Okay, so I recently redownloaded Hexis on my computer after updating to Windows 10, And now I can't even start the game anymore:


Is it just another bug cause of W10 or?
Can you make your own custom skin yet or not yet?

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