Announcements related to Hexis.
Those of you who have a username that contains a whitespace or square brackets, you may find that you can no longer log onto the website.

I've had to make some changes to the allowed usernames to keep everything compatible (website, forum, IRC, and wiki, and clan/team tags). So if you had a username that contains any of these characters, your new username is the same but with the invalid characters removed (e.g. O s t e r is now Oster, [H]avoc is now Havoc). If after removing the invalid characters from your username resulted in another invalid username (username too short, starts with a number or hyphen, username already taken, etc.), your new username is all the invalid characters removed, plus the word "INV" if your username is too short or is already taken. (e.g. [- v -] is now v-INV, or -GN is now GNINV)

If you're having trouble understanding, here's the list of the affected usernames and their replacements.
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Old Username         New Username       
- Rikkukun -         Rikkukun-           
-GN                  GNINV               
-TT-                 TT-                 
404-not found        notfound           
AdRon Zh3Ro          AdRonZh3Ro         
Alexandra Chan       AlexandraChan       
Amamiya Yuko         AmamiyaYuko         
Aya Shameimaru       AyaShameimaru       
Black Lotus          BlackLotus         
Black Rock Shooter   BlackRockShooter   
Blue Dragon          BlueDragon         
Dead Master          DeadMaster         
Elysee Paradise      ElyseeParadise     
Fade Out             FadeOut             
Flandre Scarlet      FlandreScarlet     
Flandure Scarlet     FlandureScarlet     
Fujiwara no Mokou    FujiwaranoMokou     
Hatsune Miku         HatsuneMikuINV     
Hiiragi Kagami       HiiragiKagami       
Houraisan Kaguya     HouraisanKaguya     
Inaba Tewi           InabaTewi           
Izayoi Sakuya        IzayoiSakuya       
Katsura Hinagiku     KatsuraHinagiku     
Kirisame Marisa      KirisameMarisa     
Konpaku youmu        Konpakuyoumu       
L i d a N            LidaN               
La Cataline          LaCataline         
Makise Kurisu        MakiseKurisu       
Miku Append          MikuAppend         
Mrs Sparrow 0w0      MrsSparrow0w0       
N a n o              Nano               
Night Bird           NightBirdINV       
O s t e r            Oster               
Ototsu yume          Ototsuyume         
Philo Andrew         PhiloAndrew         
Remilia Scarlet      RemiliaScarlet     
Ryougi Shiki         RyougiShiki         
Scarlet Eye          ScarletEye         
Scarlet Rose         ScarletRose         
Sety Mo              SetyMo             
Starry Ripple        StarryRipple       
Super Sonico         SuperSonico         
Tachibana Isana      TachibanaIsana     
Tachibana Kanade     TachibanaKanadeINV 
Task Manager         TaskManager         
The Zombie           TheZombie           
Tokido Saya          TokidoSaya         
Triple Time          TripleTime         
Vorpal Sword         VorpalSword         
White Lesbian        WhiteLesbian       
White Lotus          WhiteLotus         
White Wagina         WhiteWagina         
[- v -]              v-INV               
[H]avoc              Havoc               
[K]ri                Kri                 
damn retry           damnretry           
h y d r a            hydra               
hard to freeze       hardtofreeze       
katsuragi Keima      katsuragiKeima     
kazami yuuka         kazamiyuuka         
kurusugawa himeko    kurusugawahimeko   
lv9 CHEN             lv9CHEN             
sell moe             sellmoe             
white wolf           whitewolf             

Those of you who were affected, if you would like to change your new username, please send me a private message with the new username you'd like me to change it to.
White Wagina WhiteWagina


You sure that spaces should be rerstricted?
Daniel wrote:to keep everything compatible (website, forum, IRC, and wiki, and clan/team tags)

Image deviantART
Image Twitter
Image YouTube
Image Facebook
Everything supports spaces (exept IRC, but spaces can be easily replaced by _) and square brakets (well, there can be problems in wiki) so I don't quite understand.
You still don't know how clan/team tags work.
Oh my! I seem to have lost my two beloved letters.

Requested name change to "Incognito" instead.
Incognito wrote:Oh my! I seem to have lost my two beloved letters.

Requested name change to "Incognito" instead.

For what you used Incognito's nickname? :|

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