Announcements related to Hexis.
Alright guys, here's a few things you all shall know about this Hexis ALPHA release and keep in mind;

  • The alpha phase: As mentioned before, Hexis is alpha and therefore, lots of features, visual effects and other things are missing. Please avoid any misconception of the game and the future judging its actual status: Everything starts from the beginning.
    A list of known bugs is located here. Also, SAVE BEFORE EXITING THE EDITOR!!!!!!!

  • Creating maps on Hexis: To create a beatmap, copy the mp3 to the data/beatmaps folder. This will be changed on later updates.

  • Importing maps on Hexis: It is strongly reccomended to import just few at a time: the game will most likely freeze during the process, until everything is imported successfully. This will happen because being Hexis ALPHA, no progress bar for it exists yet.

  • Bugs report: Everyone of you is kindly encouraged to report any bug, as there most likely are gonna be some, in the (incoming) Bug Report section, making sure there's no existing topic about it.

  • Beatmaps submission: Until submission system gets added, a forums section will be available for mappers to link their creations previously uploaded on any free hosting site.


Thread may be subject of editing if necessary.

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