Announcements related to Hexis.
You may have noticed that the website looks a bit different than before.

Last month, I started working on the website backend to integrate features such as beatmap submission and profile user pages. I ended up getting sidetracked and started focusing on the website's design. I made the website a bit cleaner and implemented few more pages that were previously unavailable. Also, the website is now flexible and almost everything on the website automatically adapts to any screen size, so it can display nicely on smart phones. The website is still unfinished and some things were broken and will be fixed soon, but I thought it'd be nice to show what I've been working on.

I'm going to start switching gears again to get beatmap submission and ranking into the game soon and push the game further.
I love this layout
flat :eek: my avatar matches

I think it'd be good to separate the actual post from the signature, it's ... kinda simple to confuse it with part of the post itself

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DAT epic layout nice !
Great new website layout, I just love it.
Very clean, simple and useful, thanks for this update!
Hexis: veni, vidi, vici.
Look Amazing.
Yeeeey! Congrats! The new website is a really prettier. Please don't stop and do that. I'll hope I could play Hexis soon. :)
Looks sweet. Can't wait for player rankings :3

[00:15] <Andrea> Hi I made insane for my map for hexis, who wanna do rest
[00:15] * Sven kills Andrea

I really like it!
Coz Daniel is awesome... Cant wait for player ranking and profile statistics

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