Announcements related to Hexis.
Beatmap submission has been added in the latest version of Hexis. You'll be able to upload your beatmaps to the website directly from the editor. Until file association is implemented, to add a downloaded beatmap to Hexis, drag the file into the window. Along with that, the beatmap directory no longer needs to be scanned fully after each startup (huge speed improvement).
Full screen support has been added (although only limited to borderless window for now until Qt supports real fullscreeen in the future). As requested by mouse players, the cursor also now stays in the Hexis window when playing a beatmap. Background video playback is also added. Some videos may flicker or not sync to the music (although not significantly) and will be fixed soon. Slider quality also has a minor graphical improvement.

Making good progress so far. Going to start focusing on improving the editor and website again. As always, bug reports are always much appreciated. :good:
Hurray :D

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Awesome news~
Good job, Daniel! :)
Weee BSS :3

[00:15] <Andrea> Hi I made insane for my map for hexis, who wanna do rest
[00:15] * Sven kills Andrea

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Amazing update, thanks daniel
Thank you~

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