Announcements related to Hexis.
Introducing some new mods for Hexis. The way mods work in Hexis are a bit different then how some of you may have grown accustomed to.

In Hexis, you can choose the approach rate, circle size, overall difficulty, and drain rate to whatever setting you desire. By popular demand, approach rate mod goes up to AR11.

You can also control the play speed of the song from 0.75x to 1.75x in increments of 0.05x. Auto play was also added. With these new mods, it should be easier to gradually build up to being able to play a desired difficulty or speed. Score multipliers are not final and will most likely change.


Playing a beatmap or watching a replay also shows a mini intro of what song is playing, who's playing, and what mods are enabled.


Making good progress so far. Going to start focusing on fixing bugs on the editor. As always, bug reports are always much appreciated. :good:
Yay for mods.
Hate to find problems so early but yeah, gotta report stuff already :\

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Great :grin:
Everything is working fine for me! Good job :grin:
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Wow awesome thing, I love how mods are implemented here!
Very clever implementation of mods!
This is way more flexible than osu!'s.
Good job man

[00:15] <Andrea> Hi I made insane for my map for hexis, who wanna do rest
[00:15] * Sven kills Andrea

Hexis seems to turn out way better than osu!. Even the title screen looks sooo much better. :D

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